Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trying Too Hard

From right to left.

1. Alice is short yes, but ugly? no
2. Jasper actually looks really good. But what boyfriend agrees to dress like Jasper from Twilight? oh wait...he's not your boyfriend? He's your gay friend? OK, that makes sense. He gets a pass.
3. Guy in the middle makes no sense.
4. I didn't know Bella grew up in East L.A.
5. Edward guy is Bella girl's boyfriend and thinks this means she'll go see Iron Man 2 with him. Heads up: She will not.
6. Random hot guy they found outside, drew a tattoo on him in sharpie and gave him 50 bucks so they would win costume contest.

Verdict: Not so great. Try again. Ditch Mexican Bella first.

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